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Before They Fall

Before they fall
The obese stars
Dumb stones lumps of light

Before they gasp before they

Before they gasp
And spit out their last blood

Before they drop before they

Before they drop
In spikes of frozen fire

Before they choke before they

Before they choke
In a last heartburn of stunk light

Let me say this




Nosing each other,
We can’t see straight,
But blindly stare through each other
To our footprints behind us,
Or rather, mine behind him
And his behind me.

But behind us both
(And this is the rub)
Stands another, a stranger,
Who observes us bleakly,
But without rancor.

We stop dead,
Locked in different vintages of gangrene.


The Ventriloquists

I send my voice into your mouth
You return the compliment

I am the Count of Cannizzaro
You are Her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta

Im am the thaumaturgic chain
You hold the opera glass and cards

You become extemporaneous song
I am you tutor

You are my invisible seed
I am Timour the Tartar

You are my curious trick
I your enchanted caddy

I am your confounding doll
You my confounded dummy.


Harold Pinter – Collected Poems & Prose [1978]


Written by bb

September 16, 2008 at 12:45 am

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